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Our Arizona business listings help you support local merchants while visiting Sedona. As you’re exploring Sedona, stop for a moment and take a look at the businesses that line the streets of town. Notice how many of them are independent artists, retailers, outfitters, hotels, wellness practitioners, shopkeepers, restauranteurs and other small businesses – more than 200 of them to be exact. Let that sink in. Sedona is fortunate to be home to award-winning spa resorts and world-class hiking and biking trails. But our small business community is the backbone of Sedona’s economy.

We created this Sedona Business Directory to help you plan your upcoming visit, whether it’s your first or you’re one of our many repeat visitors to Red Rock Country. Before you explore the Arizona business listings in our area, here’s a tip: sign up for our Visit Sedona newsletter. In it you’ll get updates and offers from the Sedona area businesses, hear about festivals and live entertainment at local venues while you’re here, get info on upcoming promotions and so much more.

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Minority owned Sedona small businesses

Support minority-owned and women-owned Sedona businesses

Sedona is a community that celebrates creativity. You’ll see it in the storefronts in Uptown. On the menu at our local restaurants. In the stories told on an unforgettable tour. In a healing session that stays with you long after you leave. You’ll also find it curated in collections of authentic Navajo and Hopi jewelry and crafts throughout town, and on exhibit in Sedona’s many art galleries.

Behind a lot of this creativity, you’ll find entrepreneurs who include family-owned businesses, women-owned businesses and other minority business owners. In fact, among Sedona Chamber of Commerce members alone you’ll find 225+ locally owned small businesses, more than 125 women owned businesses and more than 25 minority owned businesses – and that’s only among our members who’ve shared this information. There are many, many more. Your support helps keep Sedona a unique treasure of the Southwest.