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Getting to Sedona

Travel information for getting to Sedona from nearby cities.

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If you’re traveling by vehicle from the north, consider taking State Route (SR) 89A through Oak Creek Canyon, one of Arizona’s designated Scenic Byways. You can also take SR-179 which is designated as an All American Road by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), based on its natural, recreational and scenic qualities. The National Scenic Byways Program recognizes, preserves and enhances selected roads throughout the United States. And, if your hotel is located in West Sedona, take SR-260 through Camp Verde and Cottonwood, and then into Sedona. All three routes are scenic and enjoyable, and SR-260 is often less busy making it a convenient option.

From Phoenix

Start: Phoenix, Arizona
End: Sedona, Arizona
Total Distance: 113.4 Miles
Estimated Total Time: 2 hours

Option A:

  1. Take I-17 North / Flagstaff 98.4 Miles
  2. At exit 298, Exit Ramp 0.2 Milles
  3. Turn LEFT (West) onto SR-179 [FR-618 Rd] 0.1 Miles
  4. Keep STRAIGHT onto SR-179 14.2 Miles
  5. Turn RIGHT (East) onto SR-89A [N HWY-89A] 0.2 Miles

Option B:

  1. Take I-17 North / Flagstaff
  2. At exit 287, Turn LEFT onto AZ-260 west toward 89A
  3. Turn right on AZ-89A and continue into Sedona, Arizona

From Las Vegas

Start: Las Vegas, Nevada
End: Sedona, Arizona
Total Distance: 278.0 Miles
Estimated Total Time: 5 hours

  1. Take I-515 [US-93] towards I-515 / US-93 20.3 Miles
  2. Road name changes to US-93 [US-95] 6.0 Miles
  3. Turn LEFT (North-West) onto US-93 78.8 Miles
  4. Entering Arizona
  5. Take Ramp (LEFT) onto I-40 [US-93] 145.6 Miles
  6. At exit 195, take Ramp (RIGHT) onto I-17 [SR-89A] 2.6 Miles
  7. At exit 337, take Ramp (RIGHT) onto SR-89A [Fairgrounds Rd] 0.2 Miles
  8. Turn LEFT (South) onto SR-89A [S HWY-89A] 22.8 Miles
  9. Keep STRAIGHT onto SR-89A [N HWY-89A] 1.7 Miles

From Los Angeles

Start: Los Angeles, California
End: Sedona, Arizona
Total Distance: 482 Miles
Estimated Total Time: 7 hours, 30 minutes

  1. Take Ramp onto US-101 [Santa Ana Fwy] 0.6 Miles
  2. Keep LEFT onto I-10 / San Bernardino Fwy / San Bernardino 368.0 Miles
  3. Entering Arizona
  4. Take Ramp (RIGHT) onto I-17 towards I-17 / Flagstaff 98.7 Miles

Option A:

  1. At exit 298, turn right onto ramp (0.2 Miles)
  2. Turn left (West) onto SR-179 (0.1 Miles)
  3. Keep straight onto SR-179 (14.5 Miles)

Option B:

  1. At exit 287, Turn LEFT onto AZ-260 west toward 89A
  2. Turn right on AZ-89A and continue into Sedona, Arizona

Of course, if you arrive from the north you’ll travel on SR-89A, a beautiful twisting drive designated as the Sedona-Oak Creek Canyon Scenic Road.

Use Sedona as a base camp for your trip to the Grand Canyon. Sedona sits just over 100 miles south of the Grand Canyon and it’s a beautiful drive.

From Sedona to Grand Canyon

Start: Sedona, Arizona
End: South Rim of Grand Canyon, Arizona
Total Distance: 114.3 Miles
Estimated Total Time: 2 hours

  1. Take SR-89A north 24.4 Miles
  2. Turn right onto W. Shamrell Boulevard 0.2 Miles
  3. Take Ramp (Left) onto 1-17 North 2.7 Miles
  4. Take Ramp onto 1-40 West via Exit 340B 29.6 Miles
  5. At Exit 165, exit Ramp 0.4 Miles
  6. Turn Right (North) on SR-64 and continue to Grand Canyon 57 Miles

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